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High-quality measurements require the use of suitable strain gages and also their proper installation. In order to support our customers we offer the installation of strain gages as a service in addition to the sale of strain gages and accessories. Below you will find a selection of these services.

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Strain gage installation on printed circuit boards (PCB)

The increasing complexity of electrical printed circuit boards with regard to functionality and concentration of components on smaller dimensions leads to an increase in thermal and mechanical stress during production and operation. Experimental stress analysis on printed circuit boards is therefore becoming increasingly important. For this purpose, ZSE offers special strain gauges as well as the installation of these strain gauges as a service on customer PCBs.

Preparation of special screws for measuring the axial force

In order to work properly, bolted connections require a defined high nominal pretension, which must be securely established using suitable tightening devices. Special bolts are suitable for measuring and monitoring forces and screws, which contain a special strain gauge inside. This allows the axial force to be determined very accurately by means of strain measurement. ZSE offers to equip screws of customers with these gages as a service.

Installation of high temperature strain gauges

Stress analysis in the temperature range up to 950 °C requires the use of strain gauges in tube form, which are installed by a special spot welding process. For users who are not sufficiently familiar with this technology, the installation of high-temperature strain gauges is offered as a service. 

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