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Permanent Magnet Shaker


Tests with standard shaker can be driven at different frequencies and amplitudes. In these tests the test specimen can be directly fixed to the shaker armature and vibrating surface area can be enlarged by using a head expander according to the specimen sizes. The vertical excitation can be translated into horizontal excitation by using slip table. In some cases, instead of changing the direction of the motion of the vibration, the part may be rotated and tested. The duration of the test and vibration levels are determined from test standards or real time measurements.

The latest version of our permanent magnet shakers PM-20, PM-100 and modal shaker MS-20, MS-100 have an integrated amplifier and a internal signal generator. By having integrated amplifiers, these shakers will help test engineers to setup their test easily. All these 4 shakers will also have an improved signal generator with a wider range than the previous one. New signal generator can generate Sinus signals from 1 Hz to 15,000 Hz. Also, all 4 models will have a screen which shows the internally generated sinus signal frequency.


  • Embedded power amplifier and signal generator
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Adjustable trunnion base provides high degree of flexibility
  • Large stroke and broad frequency range

Technical Specifications

  PM-20 PM-100 PM-250 PM-440
Output Force (Sinus) 20 N 100 N 250 N 440 N
Output Force (Shock) 40 N 200 N 500 N 880 N
Frequency range 0 - 15 kHz 0 – 10 kHz 0 – 5 kHz 0 – 5 kHz
Displacement (Peak to Peak) 5 mm 10 mm 25 mm 25 mm
Max Acceleration 30 g 45 g 80 g 80 g
Total mass 4.1 kg 9 kg 15 kg 15 kg
Cooling system Air Con. Air Con. Forced Air Forced Air
Suspension Spring Spring Spring Spring
Max. Input Current 4A 6A 10A 10A
AMPLIFIER Integrated Integrated External External
Input Voltage 1 VAC 1 VAC 10 VAC 10 VAC


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