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Elektrodynamische Shaker

Electrodynamic shakers can be in different shapes, such as standard shakers, modal shakers or inertial shakers. Depending on the area of ​​use, one of these shaker types must be selected for the test.

Modal testing for example can be performed with modal hammers or shakers. If high frequency content excitation or signal controlled testing is desired, then modal shakers are the only excitation solution.

Permanent Magnet Shaker

Tests with standard shaker can be driven at different frequencies and amplitudes. In these tests the test specimen can be directly fixed to the shaker armature and vibrating surface area can ...

Modal Shaker

Modal shakers are used in the study of vibration behavior of structures. No test specimen is mounted on such shakers. These shakers are mounted to the structure with a stinger and force is t ...

Inertial Shakers

Inertial shakers and modal shakers are similar in usage area. They are used also in tests for examining vibrational behavior of structures such as modal shakers. However, compared to the mod ...

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