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Piezoelektrische Impedanzmessköpfe

AF-Serie - Piezoelektrische Impedanzmessköpfe
AF-Serie - Piezoelektrische Impedanzmessköpfe

The AF-Series IEPE Impedance heads integrates an IEPE accelerometer and force sensor into one device to measure dynamic acceleration and force simultaneously.
The AF impedance head is manufactured in stainless steel, has a mass of 30 grams and an operating temperature range of -40 to +121°C. IEPE sensitivity options including 5mV/N and 10mV/N for measuring force and 50mV/g and 100mV/g for acceleration dependent on your requirements.
With a low impedance voltage mode and an effective anti-jamming facility the AF impedance head is ideal for use in modal and structural analysis. It can be attached to an input stinger that is itself driven by a modal shaker and also attached to the test structure via the two M5 tapped mounting holes. The use of IEPE sensors provides accurate measurement of applied forces over a wide bandwidth providing extensive excitation range for Modal testing, unlike other strain gauge sensors which are used for static and quasistatic environments.
As with all IEPE sensors, setup is easy and the AF can be connected directly to a data acquisition and analysis system equipped with IEPE signal conditioning within the range of 2-10mA and 18-28VDC. Cables of any length can also be supplied to suit all test set ups and the calibration certification supplied provides National traceability.

  • Force options: 5mV/N and 10mV/N
  • Acceleration options: 50mV/g and 100mV/g


  • Modal Analysis of lightweight structures
  • Automotive
  • Aerospace
  • Vibration Shaker Testing
  • Impact Testing
  • Industrial

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