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DTPA-A Seilzug Wegaufnehmer
(500 ... 5000 mm)

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Miniatur-Wegeaufnehmer von MicroStrain
Wegeaufnehmer von KYOWA

DTPA-A - Potentiometer-Type Displacement Transducer
DTPA-A - Potentiometer-Type Displacement Transducer

DTPA-A is a displacement transducer designed to measure displacement by converting expansion and contraction of a sensing wire to electric signal by a potentiometer.

Rated capacity: 500, 1000, 2000 and 5000 mm available
Nonlinearity: Within ±0.3%RO
Rated output: 2.5 mV/V±10%
Measuring force: Approx. 2 N (Max. 2.8 N)
Safe Temperature Range: -10 to 80ºC (Non-condensing)
Wire Diameter: 0.45 mm, Stainless steel


  • Hardly kinking wire
  • Quick response (1000 mm/s or equivalent)
  • New wire-winding mechanism: less trouble
  • Compact, lightweight, and easy to install
  • Constant measuring force (with differences between pull-out and pull-in)
  • Measurement possible with strain amplifier
  • Incl. 3m cable

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