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WGI-470AS1- Schneller Prozessmessverstärker


High-speed, compact, high functionality measurement display that incorporates a strain gage amplifier with optimized functionality in a small case.
Capable of wide range of measurements and control by using press load measurement using high-speed, digital peak hold and load measurement using high resolution.


  • For Strain gages and Transducers, bridge resistance 87.5 to 1000 Ohm (@ 350Ohm, max. 4 Bridges in parallel)
  • Wide Measurement Range: ±3.2mV/V (input range including zero adjustment range)
  • High-speed sampling: 2000Hz
  • Small size: 48×96mm (front surface)
  • 2 analog outputs: Simultaneous voltage and current output with separate scaling
  • Peak hold: 5 types of peak hold
  • Wide power supply voltage range: AC 100V to 240V
  • 3 sensitivity registrations: actual load correction, sensitivity registration correction, numerical value registration correction
  • TEDS function: automatic sensitivity registration
  • Optional: RS-232C, RS-485, BCD output

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