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WGA-120A Trägerfrequenzmessverstärker

WGA-120A Trägerfrequenzmessverstärker
WGA-120A Trägerfrequenzmessverstärker

Carrier type instrumentation amplifiers for strain gages or Transducers, strong against inverter noise.
The output is switchable for voltage or current output.
Different models with manual or automatic balance adjustment, AC or DV power supply for a for variety applications available.


  • Bridge excitation: 5Vrms, 2Vrms or 1Vrms
  • Applicable bridge resistance: 87.5 to 1000 Ohm
  • Up to four 350 Ohm transducers can be connected in parallel
  • Bridge excitation voltage is limited to 2 or 1Vrms for transducers with bridge resistance 175 Ohm or less
  • Rated output: +/- 10V or 4...20mA
  • Frequency response: Switchable to 30, 100, or 500 Hz
  • Operating temperature range -10 to +50 °C
  • Panel cut dimensions 45mm(W) x 93.4mm(H)

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