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CV1 - Verstärker / Filter für Sensoren mit Ladungsausgang oder IEPE zur DIN-Schienen Montage


DIN Rail Mounted Charge & Voltage Amplifiers/Filters

The CV1 DIN rail mounted range of Charge/Voltage/Filter nodules are available in a range of configurations to suit a variety of industrial and other applications where DIN rail mounting and screw connections are the preferred method of installation.

Providing all or a combination of Charge amplification, IEPE 4mA constant current supply and Fixed or Variable frequency filtering.

The modules utilize standard DIN rail mounts for fast fitting and set up, ideal for use alongside industrial cabinets or other wiring installations.

Modules available:

  • CV1-C : Charge amplifier
  • CV1-V : 4mA constant current supply for use with IEPE accelerometers and sensors
  • CV1-CF : Charge amplifier with fixed filter frequency
  • CV1-VF : 4mA constant current IEPE supply with fixed filter frequency
  • CV1-CVF : Charge amplifier with variable frequency filter
  • CV1-VVF : 4mA constant current IEPE supply with variable filter frequency

Frequency Options:

  • Fixed frequency version must be specified when purchased, available from 0.2Hz to 250kHz
  • Variable frequency version: 255 filter steps, set by DIP switch, range covering 0.2 Hz to 127.5kHz
    Both versions are available with a variety of filter types including, Butterworth, Bessel, Anti-aliasing or General Purpose with 24/48 dB/Octave cut off.

Specification (typical values)

  • Dimensions: 27 x 83 x 114mm excluding connectors
  • Weight: 180gms
  • Standard 35mm and 15mm DIN rails
  • Power on indication
  • Low pass / Highpass
  • Screw terminal connections
  • Independent signal and power earth
  • 9 – 30 V DC power input – ideal for +24 V DC
  • AC/DC, Single ended / differential / 4-20mA / IEPE inputs
  • Power Input: 10 – 30 Volts DC, 2.5 Watt. Polarity protected, isolated from signal path.
  • Connections: 9 screw terminals.
  • Indicators: External LED indicator shows correct power to unit
  • Operating Temp.: 10 to 45 ºC, non condensing.
  • Input Coupling: DC / AC (with dual line AC coupling for differential input)          
  • Input Mode: Single ended / Differential / IEPE (24V, 1 - 10 mA, set by single resistor)
  • Input Impedance: 1 MΩ
  • Input Gain: x1,x2,x5,x10,x20,x50,x100,x200,x500,x1000. Set by on board jumpers.
  • Bandwidth: 0 dB gain, > 500 kHz
  • Signal level: +/- 10 Volt pk-pk
  • Noise and THD: < 0.003% typical (depending on filter type, signal amplitude and frequency)
  • Output Impedance: 47Ω
  • Outputs: 2 Buffered voltage outputs.
  • Trim Adjustments: Offset and Gain. Multi-turn pots.
  • Frequency Setting: CV1-CF & CV1-VF factory set at order; CV1-CVF & CV1-VVF by DIP switch, 255 filter steps

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