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Kraftaufnehmer und Kraftmessdosen für Druck- und Zug-Kräfte

Kraftaufnehmer für Zug- & Druck-Kräfte mit Messbereichen von ±50 N bis ±2 MN.

LU-A Small-Capacity Tension/Compression Load Cells (±50 N to ±200 kN)

A straight beam is used for the LU-A serie's strain column to enable high accuracy measurements of small loads. Features: Straight beam System Rated Capacity: +/- 50 N to + ...

LUR-A-SA1 Small-Sized Tension /Compression Load Cells (±50 N to ±2 kN)

The compact and lightweight LUR-A-S1 series is a easy-to-use tension/compression load cell, which can be used in various fields ranging from production lines to experiments. Features: ...

LUX-B-ID Low Profile Tension/Compression Load Cells (±50 N to ±20 kN)

The LUX-B-ID series are TEDS installed ultra Compact Load Cells for Tension/Compression measurement. The LUX-B-ID series is suitable for measuring and controlling loads applied to small-sca ...

LU-E sealed Tension/Compression Load Cells (±500 N to ±200 kN)

The LU-E series detection unit is hermetically-sealed and filled with inert gas to prevent aging and ensure reliability and stability for a long time. Features: Rated Capacity: ...

LTZ-A Highly Accurate Tension Load Cells (±500 N to ±50 kN)

Load cells in the LTZ-A series adopt a Roberval’s mechanism to ensure an accuracy of 1/3333. Their simple structure facilitates handling and maintenance. Since they can be installed to ...

LUH-F High-Accuracy Tension/Compression Load Cell (±500 N to ±200 kN)

Tension/compression load cells in the LUH-F series provide an accuracy as high as 1/5000. The hermetically-sealed structure with inert gas filled in ensures stable performance. Features: ...

LUK-A Thin Tension/Compression Load Cells (±5 kN to ±2 MN)

The thin tension/compression load cells in the LUK-A series feature a thin structure enabling installation in spaces whose height is limited. For successive measurement of repeated loads, us ...

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