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NTB-500A CAN-Bus Messsystem für DMS, Spannnung und Thermoelemente

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NTB-500A mit NTB-50A und NTB-51A
NTB-500A mit NTB-50A und NTB-51A
Stand-alone Configuration
Stand-alone Configuration
Configuration for 4 docked NTB-500A boxes
Configuration for 4 docked NTB-500A boxes

NTB-500A CAN Network terminal box. Supports dynamic measurement and medium-speed sampling of all channels at the same time.


  • All channels can be measured simultaneously at a maximum of 1 kHz.
  • Up to eight channels per box (64 channels when eight boxes are synchronized)
  • Decentralized arrangement with one cable
  • Control Software DCS-100A (Dynamic data acquisition software) included.

NTB-50A [Strain unit]:

  • Large strain (300,000µm/m) measurement
  • Frequency response: 100 Hz
  • 24bit high-resolution A-D conversion (0.1µm/m resolution)
  • Bridge Excitation: 2VDC
  • Built-in bridge circuit for 1/4- (120Ohm) and 1/2-Bridge (120 ... 1000Ohm) Completion

NTB-51A [Voltage/thermocouple unit]:

  • Voltage Input Ranges: ±10V and ±50V
  • Type K and T thermocouples supported
  • Frequency response: 100 Hz (Voltage)/10 Hz (Thermocouple)
  • Isolated between channels (500V)

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