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CDV/CDA-900A - Messverstärker mit hoher Bandbreite

CDV-900A & CDA-900A
CDV-900A & CDA-900A

CDV and CDA-Series Signal Conditioner with Direct Current Excitation and a gain of 10000x maximum.
Optional: Tragbare Einschubgehäuse auch zur Rackmontage, siehe "Zubehör".


  • Frequency response range is as wide as DC to 500 kHz, suitable for high-speed phenomena such as impulse wave
  • Dual ±10 V analog output
  • Strain amplifier mode provides a range of 100µm/m
  • Noise referred to input is low despite the wide bandwidth and high gain capabilities
  • Balance adjustment is possible up to ±10000µm/m (equivalent to a resistance deviation of 2%)
  • RANGE, L.P.F., VERN and BAL settings are saved in nonvolatile memory
  • User registration function improves the measurement accuracy
  • Cable resistance compensation function and remote Sensing Mode
  • Digital indicator and bar graph
  • Powerful low-pass filter provides the attenuation characteristic of -24 dB / oct.
  • Key lock function prevents maloperation of balance, range, vernier and low-pass filter switches
  • Two power supply options available: AC or DC Supply

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