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WGC-140A - 4 Ch. Calculating Signal Conditioner


The WGC-140A is suitable for measurement and control of the load applied to each column of press and the total load or for tension control through measurement of load balance and total load in various fields.
In addition, the WGC-140C enables multplication of the total value by a coefficient, thereby facilitating the operator to take emergent countermeasures against transducer trouble by changing the coefficient.


  • Up to 4 units of 350O strain gage type transducers can be connected independently to respective amplifier circuits.
  • High-speed processing at 2ms
  • Circuits are designed to make it difficult for a channel with transducer trouble to affect other channels.
  • Switchable indicated value, channel to channel or the total
  • Analog voltage output of all channels and the total
  • High/low limit comparator for the total value
  • High-speed output suitable for control, input/outplut delay approx. 10 ms
  • Sensor check and self-test functions
  • Indication range-19999 to 19999 with decimal point anywhere

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