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WGA-670B - Schneller Prozessmessverstärker

WGA-670B-1 - Rückseite
WGA-670B-1 - Rückseite

The WGA-670B series is a compact, low-cost instrumentation amplifier enabling direct reading of physical quantities such as load through high-speed sampling of signals from a strain gage transducer.
All operations can be performed with front-panel keys. While all models in this series provide high/low limit comparator, hold function and D-A converted signal output, models with optional BCD or RS-232C output are available.
The high-speed sampling capability makes the WGA-670B series suitable for measurement and control of quickly changing phenomena by press-fitting or pressing.


  • High-speed sampling at 2000 times/second
  • Up to 4 transducers with 350Ohm bridge resistance can be connected in parallel.
  • High/low limit comparator and peak hold function are provided standard.
  • Continuous peak hold function is provided to indicate the peak of each phenomenal waveform.
  • Indication range -19999 to 19999
  • DIN size (96 x 96 mm) ensures easy installation.
  • Frequency response range 10 Hz or 100 Hz selectable
  • TEDS-compatible model WGA-670B-7 is available

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