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DIS-503A Data Logging System for Pedestrian Headform Impactor

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DIS-503A mit 3x ASE-A (öl-bedämpfter Beschleunigungsaufnehmer)
DIS-503A mit 3x ASE-A (öl-bedämpfter Beschleunigungsaufnehmer)
DIS-503A und 3x ASE-A im Impaktor installert
DIS-503A und 3x ASE-A im Impaktor installert

The Data Logging System DIS-503A is designed for pedestrian head protection test.
DIS-503A is installed into pedestrian headform impactor with three accelerometers and acquiring impact test data to achieve cable-less impact testing. Outputs of three accelerometers are amplified and digitized by the data logger and stored in built-in memory.

Generally, a headform impactor has three accelerometers and connect via cables with a DAS unit located outside of the impactor. In this case, there is the risk of a cable disconnection between sensors and the data logger during the test. In addition, the sensor cabling has an increased influence on the flight path of the headform impactor. Therefore, the internal type of data logger DIS-503A for use with headform impactor is useful as a countermeasure to these issues.


  • 3 channels per unit
  • Shock resistance 4903m/s²(500g), 3msec
  • Maximum sampling speed: 150kHz
  • DAS unit has built-in battery
  • High speed data transfer by USB 2.0 Bus

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