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PSD - DMS & Wägezellen Anzeige (opt. RS232-Schnittstelle)

PSD - DMS & Wägezellen Anzeige
PSD - DMS & Wägezellen Anzeige
PSD232 - DMS & Wägezellen Anzeige mit RS-232 Schnittstelle
PSD232 - DMS & Wägezellen Anzeige mit RS-232 Schnittstelle
TR-100CA - Schwarzes Leder Etui
TR-100CA - Schwarzes Leder Etui

The RS232 version of the PSD load cell or strain gauge indicator enables the connection to many RS232 interface's whether its a PC or simple data logger. The PSD232 is fitted with a 8 pin connector which allows users to connect the appropriate cabling for their application.

As with the standard PSD handheld, the PSD232 weighs only 250 grams and has a 7 digit LCD display with 6 tactile push buttons for access to on/off, gross/net, peak, trough, display hold and shunt cal functions. The indicator is micro processor based designed to interface with any full bridge sensor with an output sensitivity of up to 50mV/V. Bridge resistances from 85 ohms upwards can be used.

Two units of measure are able to be read and displayed such as kg & lbs. An annunciator indicates which range has been selected and there is a window, to insert a legend, describing each unit of measure.

The menu options accessed via the tactile keypad offers the ability to tailor the instruments response to the application including configuring the display update rate to either 0.5Hz, 1 Hz, 3Hz or 10Hz, setting auto power down, and overload. Calibration is also performed from the menu. Up to 450 hours battery life can be achieved whilst in power save mode with powering via 2 x AA Alkaline batteries (not included). An auto sleep/off function can be set ranging from 1 minute up to 99 minutes.

Both PSD's are TEDS 'Plug and Play' (Transducer Electronic Data Sheets) enabled.


  • Portable digital display for use as a strain gauge indicator or load cell indicator. Easy to carry weighing only 250grams
  • Waterproof IP65 NEMA4 battery powered
  • 7 digit LCD display, with battery, peak, trough, net, overload and shunt cal indication
  • Battery powered with life of 450 hrs in power save mode
  • Tactile keyboard, with on/off, range select, peak/valley hold, and gross/net controls
  • Microprocessor based, allowing single pass calibration facility (direct mV/V)
  • Dual range for values such as Kg and lb
  • TEDS enabled for automatic sensor calibration (IEEE1451 - template 33)
  • Photo on right showing the available accessory black leather carry case with clear viewing window shoulder strap for both versions of PSD
  • The RS232 version of the PSD allows connection to many interfaces including PC, data loggers, etc.

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