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WGA-710C - Prozessmessverstärker

WGA-710C-JP (also in English)

TEDS- compatible, Simple, Lightweight, Excellent Interference Immunity, Suitable for Industrial Measuring Instruments.

WGA-710C is a compact, lightweight, multi-functional and low-cost amplifier with display and it is designed to measure load, pressure, torque and displacement. Using low noise amplifier is helpful to achieve stable measurement. It is easy to conduct setting and control for each function by using keys. Since all setting values are recorded in a NVRAM, it still functions in case of power failure. It has been widely used in machinery, electric machinery, food and chemistry. Apart from production line control system.


  • 1 input channel for strain gages or transducers (87.5Ohm .. 10kOhm)
  • High/Low limit comparator and relay outputs.
  • Compact, lightweight, highly noise-resistant and suitable as industrial instrumentation amplifier.
  • Various functions extend the application range.
  • Key lock function prevents erroneous operation.
  • LED illuminated keys for confirmation of the operating status at a glance.
  • Bridge excitation voltage suitable for connected transducer is selectable from 10, 5 or 2.5 VDC by the switch
  • Built-in remote sensing circuit enables highly accurate measurement.
  • Built-in analog peak hold circuit enables measurement of quickly changing variables.
  • Setting conditions are stored in nonvolatile memory against power failure.
  • Many different models are available.

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