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WGI-400A - Prozessmessverstärker


Compact (48×96 mm front surface)
Wide measuring range (±3.2 mV/V)

The WGI-400A is a compact general-purpose low-cost instrumentation amplifier providing basic functions required for measurement in combination with strain gage transducers. The wide input range ensures usage without worrying about initial value of transducer. Furthermore, it provides new functions such as switchable relative value memory patterns and preset value-based level test.


  • One input for Strain gages or transducers (87.5 to 1000 Ohm)
  • Four control inputs
  • 3 control outputs (Hi, Low and O.K.)
  • Analog Output +/- 10V or 4..20mA
  • Compact, 48 mm by 96 mm (front surface)
  • Wide measuring range ±3.2 mVN
  • 3 sensitivity registration modes (actual load calibration, sensitivity-registered calibration, numerical value-registrated calibration)
  • Selectable 4 high/low limit patterns in memory
  • Level test with desired value input
  • Wide operating voltage range: 90 to 240 VAC or 10 to 30 VDC (AC or DC selected when ordering)
  • 3 optional digital output options: RS-232C, RS-485 or BCD

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