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DIS-506A - Data Logging System for leg impactor


The DIS-506A is designed to install into pedestrian leg impactor Flex-PLI-GTR and acquiring impact test data. The DIS-506A enables cascading of up tp 8 units and simultaneously records a maximum 48 channels.

Strain gages, strain gage transducers, piezoresistive transducers, voltage-output type sensors, and potentiometers can be connected directly. The DIS-506A amplifies analogue signals from the above sensors and digitizes the amplified signals to be stored in built-in memory.


  • 6 channels per unit
  • Maximum measuring 48 channels
  • Maximum sampling speed: 150kHz per channel / synchronized
  • Each unit has a built-in battery
  • High speed data transfer by USB 2.0
  • Provide TEDS (IEEE1451-4) function
  • Cable outlet direction is selectable

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