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ASM-1KBCV M3 & ASM-1KBCH M3 Halbleiter Beschleunigungsaufnehmer, ungedämpft (9807 m/s² (1000 G))

Wir bieten Ihnen hier piezoelektrische Beschleunigungsaufnehmer , Beschleunigungsaufnehmer basierend auf DMS-Technologie sowie kapazitive und piezoresistive MEMS-Beschleunigungssensoren an.

Übersicht als PDF-Datei in englischer Sprache zum Download.

ZSE bietet Beschleunigungsaufnehmer speziell für den Einsatz im Crash-Test-Versuch oder in der Crash-Test-Simulation.

ASM-1KBCV M3 Miniature Semiconductor Acceleration Transducer

The ASM-1KBCV M3 & ASM-1KBCH M3 acceleration transducers adopt a semiconductor strain gage for the sensing element and can be applied to measurement of acceleration applied to a car body in crash tests.
These are export controlled products.


  • Suited for Crash Tests.
  • Rated Capacity: ±9807 m/s2 (±1000 G)
  • Compact and lightweight design (approx. 1.9 g) causes minimal influence to the vibration mode of a measuring object.
  • Safe overload rating 150%
  • No damping oil is used, and thus the frequency response and phase characteristics are not affected by temperature.
  • Undamped design ensures minimal phase shift.
  • Exchangeable cable
  • ASM-1 KBCH M3 provides a horizontal sensitivity axis to the mounting surface and ASM-1 KBCV M3, a vertical sensitivity axis to the mounting surface. Thus, their combination enables configuration of a thin triaxial accelerometer.

To Ensure Safe Usage:

  • Excitation voltage should be 2 VDC.
  • Use screws to mount the acceleration transducer. Removing the transducer mounted with an adhesive may give it impact, thereby causing damage.
  • To fix the transducer to a measuring object, use the following screw: Metric regular screw M1.6 or unified thread screw No. 0-80UNF
  • When mounting with screws, slightly apply silicone oil or grease to the contact surface. Resultant closer contact will ensure better fixing condition.

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