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ICA - Embedded Load Cell Amplifier, Strain Gauge Signal Conditioner

Embedded Load Cell Amplifier, Strain Gauge Signal Conditioner
In-Line Housing for Load Cell Amplifiers (ICA) and Digital Converters (DCell)
ICA Größenvergleich

ICA, models ICA1 - ICA6
The ICA range of miniature load cell signal conditioners, offer a high performance strain gauge amplifier in miniature format, designed specifically for fitting inside load cells, converting a standard load cell to a volt or mA output.

The ICA family offers high stability and fast response.

The amplifier is available in 6 versions with two performance categories - Industrial & very high stability.

The ICAH range offer very low drift over wide operating temperatures.

ATEX certification pending on some variants.
Optional in line enclosure to convert a standard load cell to a conditioned load cell output.


  • Strain gauge conditioner and load cell amplifier
  • Miniature PCB format for fitting inside sensors, 19mm diameter, 7.6mm height
  • Standard excitation of 5V
  • Outputs of 4-20mA, 0-10V, 0-5V, ±10V
  • Non interaction between the trimmers makes calibration fast and easy
  • High speed: Band with DC to 1000 Hz
  • User selectable span resistor
  • 2 wire 4-20mA load cell option
  • Robust design, of high noise immunity & reverse polarity protected

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