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HS-Serie Portable Fahrzeug Waage

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The HS-Series portable vehicle weighing system enables easy and stable measurement of individual wheel loads, axle loads, sub totals of front/rear and left/right wheel and axle loads and the total, which are indispensable for weighing vehicles like cars, vans and trucks.

Features of the Detector units:

  • Unique aluminum integrated structure for minimal eccentric error
  • Wide platform for easy measurement with tires flatten
  • Rubber frame for easy landing
  • Cable integrated to protect connector against damage due to sidetracking
  • Diaphragmed at both sides to improve drip and moisture proofness.

Features of the Indicator:

  • Contrast-adjustable LCD screen imaging tire positions
  • Operates on 100 to 240 VAC, no switchover required.
  • Operation on 12 VDC possible with optional battery kit
  • 4-channel "HMO4E8" provides 3 display modes of "individual wheel load," "axle load" and "%." 8-channel "HMO8E9" provides 2 display modes of "wheel load" and "axle load" selectable with the cursor key.
  • Car Number can be set and printed with the built-in printer.
  • RS-232C interface
  • Abundant detailed functions including the lamp indicating stabilization of readings and compensation of gravitational acceleration

Display of HM04E8:

Display of HM04E8

Indicator & Printer Unit - HM04E8:

Indicator & Printer Unit - HM04E8

Standard System Composition:

  • 4x Detector Pad HS1001-N
  • 1x Indicator / Printer HM04E8
  • 4x Connection Cable HW005-40AD
  • 4x Soft cases


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