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TP-AB & TP-CB - Drehmoment-Messwellen mit hoher Genauigkeit
(5 Nm bis 20 kNm)

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TP-500GMAB to 10KMAB Highly-Accurate Torque Transducer

Torque transducers of the TP-AB series are designed to measure comparatively large torque ranging from 5N•m to 20kN•m, and to ensure highly accurate measurement with minimal effects of bending and thrust of the shaft. They are also designed to facilitate maintenance and inspection of the brush and slip ring. The series includes various models for applications ranging from measurement of small drilling torque to measurement of large torque of a marine turbine.

The torque transducers of the TP-CB series are stationary versions of TP-AB Series equipped with mounting legs.

For mating measuring instruments, carrier-type dynamic strain amplifiers in the DPM series are recommended.


  • Rated Capacity: 5 Nm to 5 kNm
  • Minimal effects of bending and thrust of the shaft on measurement.
  • Abundant models available for low to high torque measurement.
  • Also available with mounting legs.


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