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Crash-Test Sensoren


Crash Test Sensors Applicable to Automobile Equipment & Barriers
KYOWA strain-gage crash test sensors measure impact-initiated tension applied through the dummy to the seat belt, the characteristics to absorb the impact applied to the steering wheel in three directions in conformity with the automobile safety standard of each country, and the distribution of impact-initiated load to the barrier. KYOWA also provides clamp-style vehicle-borne bridge boxes.

Beschleunigungsaufnehmer für Crashversuche

ZSE bietet Beschleunigungsaufnehmer speziell für den Einsatz im Crash-Test-Versuch oder in der Crash-Test-Simulation.

LBT-A-20KNS1 Seat Belt Tension Transducer

This sensor detects the impact-initiated tension applied through the dummy to the seat belt. Made of aluminum alloy, it is small and lightweight. Rated Capacity: 20 kN

LST-B-20KNS1 Steering Wheel 3-Component Force Transducer

This sensor simultaneously detects the impact-initiated force applied in three orthogonal directions to the steering wheel to obtain the impact-absorbing characteristics. Minimal mutual inte ...

LBT-C-15KNSA1 Seat Belt Tension Transducer

While designed to be smaller in size and lighter in weight than the forerunner, the LBT-C-15KNSA1 provides a built in output correction circuit for improved linearity. Featutes: Rate ...

Force Sensor Matrix

The force sensor matrix is designed to be mounted to a fixed barrier to detect impact-initiated forces applied to the objects under test. It consists of 128 strain gage load cells arranged i ...

LBT-B-200NSA1 Child Seat Belt TensionTransducer

To measure tighten force of seat belt at mounting child seat  (Low Rated Capacity 200N) This sensor detects the impact-initiated tension applied through the dummy to the seatbelt or Ch ...

DB-120S3 Clamp-style vehicle-borne Bridge Boxes

These compact bridge boxes adopt a sturdy gage lead-clamping system to ensure safe vehicle-borne applications. Applicable sensors (selectable by switch): Strain gages and strain-gage ...

LBT-D Child Seat Belt Tension Transducer

Seat Belt Tension Transducer LBT-D To use for measuring tensile force with installed CRS(Child Restraint Seat) Features: Easy to install and remove Made of aluminum alloy, smal ...

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