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TPH-A - Drehmoment Messflansch für große Nenndrehmomente mit hoher Steifigkeit
(500 Nm bis 50 kNm)

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TPH-A - Highly Rigid Torque Transducers
TPH-A - Highly Rigid Torque Transducers
TPH-A - Highly Rigid Torque Transducers
TPH-A - Highly Rigid Torque Transducers

Non contact torque transducers of the TPH-A series are highly precise and high-response transducers enabling torque measurement at up to 10000 rpm. The foremost feature of these transducers is their high rigidity, and to take full advantage of this feature each transducer is equipped with a dedicated flexible coupling. The unique design, with no contact parts such as slip rings, ensures safe use even for long-term measurement of an object rotating at high speeds. In addition, the built-in amplifier can simultaneously output voltage and current signals, directly to a recorder or indicator or through an A-D converter to a personal computer for data acquisition.

Rotational speed output is included as standard, the TPH-A series can measure torque and speed (revolutions per minute) at the same time.


  • Torsional rigidity, including the rigidity of the coupling, is 10 to 20 times higher than our earlier models. Response is approximately 3 times higher.
  • A non contact design, with no slip rings or bearings, ensures easy maintenance and accurate torque measurement of objects rotating at high speed.
  • No temperature rise due to rolling friction, thus ensuring stable performance to specifications.
  • Rotary transformer for power supply and optical transmission of digital signals ensure interference-free signal transmission and minimize noise due to vibration and deflection of the shaft.
  • Diaphragm-type flexible coupling provided standard.
  • Dedicated built-in amplifier can output voltage (+/-10 V) and current (4 to 20 mA).
  • Tachometer output (open collector output) enables measurement on a digital revolution counter (1 pulse/rev)

Standard Accessories

Power cable (2 m long), dedicated bolts and nuts (42 sets including 2 spare sets)
Note: Flanges are not included and should be prepared by the user.

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