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TPS-A - Drehmoment-Messwellen mit Spannungsausgang und berührungsloser Übertragung
(0,1 bis 5000 Nm)

TPS-A Torque Transducer - Non contact design with build in amplifier Non contact transmission design requires far less maintenance work than slip ring type and enables long-term measu ...

TP-D & TP-E - Drehmoment-Messwellen für kleine Nenndrehmomente
(0.2 bis 2 Nm)

To output high-voltage signal for small torque ranging from 0.2 to 2 Nm, TP-D/E series torque transducers have the torque detection mechanism of a unique cantilever system. The TP-D series ...

TP-M - Drehmoment-Messwellen für kleine Nenndrehmomente und hohe Drehzahlen
(0.2 bis 5 Nm)

High-speed torque transducers of the TP-M series can measure torque at a maximum 15000 rpm, and are available with a rated capacity ranging from 0.2 to 5 Nm. An overload prevention stopper i ...

TP-AB & TP-CB - Drehmoment-Messwellen mit hoher Genauigkeit
(5 Nm bis 20 kNm)

Torque transducers of the TP-AB series are designed to measure comparatively large torque ranging from 5N•m to 20kN•m, and to ensure highly accurate measurement with minimal effect ...

TPN-AB & TPN-CB - Drehmoment-Messwellen mit induktiver Übertragung
(10 to 500 Nm)

TPN-AB & TPN-CB series strain gage torque transducers use a rotary transformer for non contact signal transmission, and thus ensure easy maintenance and long-term stable measurement with ...

TPH-A - Drehmoment Messflansch für große Nenndrehmomente mit hoher Steifigkeit
(500 Nm bis 50 kNm)

Non contact torque transducers of the TPH-A series are highly precise and high-response transducers enabling torque measurement at up to 10000 rpm. The foremost feature of these transducers ...

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