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LTZ-A Highly Accurate Tension Load Cells (±500 N to ±50 kN)

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LTZ-50 to 200KA Highly Accurate Tension Load Cell
LTZ-500KA to 2TA Highly Accurate Tension Load Cell
LTZ-5TA Highly Accurate Tension Load Cell

Load cells in the LTZ-A series adopt a Roberval’s mechanism to ensure an accuracy of 1/3333. Their simple structure facilitates handling and maintenance. Since they can be installed to existing facilities without giving any big burden, they can be used as compact, lightweight and high cost performance load cells for weighing systems and testing instruments in a variety of fields.


  • Compact and lightweight
  • Accuracy as high as 1/3333
  • Large output
  • Usable as compression load cells (Calibration and a patch are required).
  • TEDS installed versions can also be manufactured. Inquiries are welcome.

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