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DTJ-A-200 Wegaufnehmer, hohe Genauigkeit (200 mm)

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Miniatur-Wegeaufnehmer von MicroStrain
Wegeaufnehmer von KYOWA


The displacement transducer DTJ-A-200 provides a rated capacity as high as 200mm. It can be widely used for measurement of relative displacement in structures and absolute displacement from a steady point.

  • Rated output as high as 5 mV/V (10000 x10–6 strain)
  • Highly accurate: hysteresis ±0.3%RO
  • Direct reading scale facilitates selection of a mating amplifier.
  • Superior temperature characteristics

Do not use the DTJ-A-200 underwater or where it may be splashed with water. Also, it should not be used in extremely dusty places or sites affected by vibration.

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