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PGR-A High-Pressure-Resistant Pressure Transducer (1 to 20 MPa)

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PGR-A High-Pressure-Resistant Pressure Transducer
PGR-A High-Pressure-Resistant Pressure Transducer

The PGR-A High-Pressure-Resistant Pressure Transducer is so constructed that it is free from permanent deformation of specified characteristics against up to 300% of the rated capacity (Patent and new design, registered)


  • For high-temperature use (temperature compensation possible up to 100°C)
  • Withstanding high pressures: Allowable overload rating: 300% (Note1)
  • Overload limit: 117.7 MPa (PGR-10 to 50KA - Note 2)
  • Overload limit: 196.1 MPa (PGR-100 & 200 KA - Note 2)
  • TEDS installed versions can also be manufactured. Inquiries are welcome.

Note 1: maximum overload applicable without causing permanent deformation of specified characteristics
Note 2: maximum overload without causing structural damage

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