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PDS-A/PDV-A Mikro-Differential Druckaufnehmer (1 to 7 kPa)

For measurement of wind pressures

These micro-pressure sensors come with a diffusion type semiconductor strain gage formed on a silicon diaphragm, and senses pressure as resistance variation. This variation is converted to electric signals. Select from two models: PDS-A, the sensor itself; and PDV-A which is added by a built-in amplifier. The former, PDS-A, can work with a Kyowa signal conditioner.

  • Fast response, high accuracy and high sensitivity
  • Outstanding noise resistance
  • ±5 V voltage output (PDV-A)
  • Small size and lightweight
  • PDS-A: Sensor itself
  • PDV-A: Sensor and built-in amplifier

Notes: Handling precautions

  • The transducers are designed for indoor applications. Take care that the transducer, including its pressure inlet, is kept free from dew condensing and freezing.
  • To use the transducer as a gauge pressure meter, apply pressure to its HIGH side and open the LOW side to the air.
  • To measure atmospheric pressure, take care that the transducer’s pressure inlet is kept from rain water and others.
  • Measuring instruments for PDS: Instruments with DC 10V bridge power (CDV -700A, CDV-21A signal conditioner; WGA-650A, 710A, instrumentation amplifier). N-70 connection cable is necessary on WGA-650A, and 710A.

Inquire about the high-stability type transducer w/heater and size variations of the pressure joint.

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