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PVL-A/B/C/D Voltage-Output Pressure Transducers (500 kPa to 50 MPa)

PVL-A & PVL-B Voltage-Output Pressure Transducers
PVL-A & PVL-B Voltage-Output Pressure Transducers
PVL-C & PVL-D Voltage-Output Pressure Transducers
PVL-C & PVL-D Voltage-Output Pressure Transducers

Four models: one outputting 0 to 5 V, and the other, 1 to 5 V each with integrated cable or connector type including connection cable 3 m long.

Micro-voltage sensed by the strain-gage pressure transducer is amplified by the built-in amplifier to output voltage measurement signals. The simplified mono-block pressure converter excels in reliability. The pressure amplifier comes in a case after all necessary adjustments made. It not only excels in resistance against vibration and adverse environmental effects but also permits convenience of immediate start of measuring by eliminating the need for field adjustment.

  • Superior noise resistance, thanks to the built-in amplifier
  • Fast response, small and lightweight
  • Applicable to highly viscous pressure medium
  • Various capacity ranges
  • True zero volt output thanks to the built-in negative power supply (PVL-B & PVL-D).

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