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PAV-R/U Voltage Output Pressure Transmitters (500 kPa to 50 MPa)

PAV-R Voltage-Output Pressure Transducer
PAV-R Voltage-Output Pressure Transducer
PAV-U Voltage-Output Pressure Transducer
PAV-U Voltage-Output Pressure Transducer

Efficient noise resistance during signal transmission

The pressure transmitters incorporate a strain-gage pressure transducer and a dedicated amplifier. The pressure sensor has no welded connection; and the amplifier is formed by a uniquely designed hybrid IC, which reduced the number of parts to a minimal to enhance dependability. The transducers efficiently resist against inductive interference during signal transmission, thanks to the amplifier which is built in to amplify micro voltage signals detected by the pressure sensor. The result is remarkably high measurement accuracy. Optimal for pressure measurement on industrial machinery as well as for remote measurement on the extended cable.

  • High Output: 0 to 5 V
  • Safe overload rating of 200%
  • Optimum for industrial equipment and pressure control systems
  • A broad range of capacities

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